Boost Your Social Studies Vocab

In a recent eBoard post, History Prep is Life Prep, we discussed the value of building an educational foundation in social studies. From politics, to economic and cultural topics, having a background in history will empower you to actively engage in historical literature and current events. Now more than ever, it’s important to stay informed.

The problem is, many students get frustrated when they encounter unfamiliar words or phrases while studying history. Boosting your social studies vocabulary will help alleviate this stress. By gaining a general knowledge of terms and topics, you’ll be better equipped to understand and critically think through social studies passages. This is a plus in both testing and your general education as a citizen.

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You Are Not Alone

Did you know that there are over 32 million Americans over the age of 18 who have yet to complete a high school education? What sets you apart from the masses, and puts you in a special group, is that word, “yet.” If you are here, following along on this eBoard, you are at minimum exploring the possibility of getting your high school equivalency (HSE) credential. You are hoping to turn that yet into a YES!

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Feeling Lost?

The path to getting your high school equivalency (HSE) credential can sometimes feel confusing and overwhelming. But as with most things in life, information and preparation can guide you through the maze of any process or procedure. Truth is, the steps to your credential may be much simpler than you think!

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What the Turtle Can Teach

At some point, most of us have heard the old story of the tortoise and the hare. As the story goes, these two very different and uniquely gifted animals set off on a race. The hare, or the rabbit, full of confidence and speed, is the expected winner. But as the story unfolds, we discover the determination of the tortoise, or turtle, results in him becoming the ultimate champion. It’s where we get the phrase, “slow and steady wins the race.” There are several things we can learn from our old friend, the turtle in this classic story of a race well won.

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