Persistence Meets Progress

I saw a post on social this summer. It was one photo and a few simple sentences. The photo showed a collection of work ID badges for “Faye Lewis.” The first was marked by a KFC logo and the first name, “Faye.” The second again showed the KFC logo, but carried the moniker, “ “Faye Lewis, Manager.” The next badge indicated that Faye went on to become the “Manager of Housekeeping” at a residential care facility. Still additional badges indicated Faye’s move into the medical field. First as a nursing assistant, then LPN and finally RN, complete with a bright smiling photo of Faye Lewis in the corner. The post included the encouragement, “Not all goals are accomplished overnight. Success can take time. Take your time.”

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Are You Ready?

Students often ask, “How will I know when I’m ready to take the official test for my high school equivalency credential?” The answer is in finding a test prep program that measures readiness over completion.

Working through all suggested lessons and completing all review sections is important. But taking regular, timed practice tests is essential to know when you are truly ready to take on the official exam.

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Author’s Purpose

In both the reading and social studies section of the GED, HiSET, and TASC, students will be asked to reflect on the author’s purpose. What is the central idea of a given passage? What evidence does the writer use to support a claim? Is there obvious bias in the author’s tone?

Authors write for different purposes. If you are aware of why the author wrote something, you can better understand the text and how it’s useful to you. To find the purpose, look at the big picture and details. Not sure what that means? Let us show you!

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Testing in the Time of Covid

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaped 2020 in countless ways. It’s altered the way we do life, work, school, and social gatherings. Even picking up groceries and sporting activities look and feel different. But here’s some good news: You can STILL reach your goal of completing your high school equivalency this year. You just need an extra dose of patience and flexibility as test format and administration changes evolve.

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The Zoom Boom

In response to the changing needs of 2020, the use of Zoom and other online communication platforms has skyrocketed. As we attempt to navigate new ways to exchange information, there will be trial and error. What have we learned so far? Here’s a quick list of considerations to make if you are studying, interviewing, or conversing online.

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Study Guide Freebies

Did you know that Essential Education has free study guides specifically designed to address key aspects of the GED, HiSET, and TASC? 

Our top educational designers created these subject-based outlines to specifically meet the unique needs of those preparing for their high school equivalency exams. The guides are full of helpful tools and resources, including FREE downloadable chapters from some of our popular Essential Skills workbooks.

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