Dress for the Interview

Did you know that what you wear to your interview could help make or break your presentation? Well, it’s true. It once was so easy to select an interview outfit—the rule of thumb was, wear your Sunday clothes. Today, however, even Sunday clothes aren’t what they used to be. In fact, some might even say they’re down-right questionable! So if the Sunday clothes standard is no more, now what? Fret not and follow these updated rules:

  • Find out the company’s or department’s dress code policy and dress 1-2 standards above it. An interviewer will never find fault with you taking time to look your best and demonstrating respect for the occasion and for him/her.
  • Select structured, clean, pressed clothing that fits you well (i.e., is not tight, short, twisted, or revealing) and functions well as you move (i.e., does not ride up, rip, or wrinkle). Do not wear denim.
    • If you are female: wear a solid, serene colored dress or collared blouse and jacket with dress pants or a skirt.
    • If you are male: wear a long-sleeved, collared shirt and tie with a blazer/suit jacket and dress pants.
  • Choose polished, closed-toe, basic-colored shoes (i.e., brown, black, blue) to complement your outfit. Do not wear boots, sandals, or gym shoes.
  • Style your hair simply. If you are female, wear natural-looking make-up. If you are male, trim your facial hair. Avoid wearing loud scented lotion, after-shave, and/or perfume/cologne; and accessorize with minimal jewelry.
  • To finish off your look, carry your papers, writing pads, and pens in a dark-colored, leather-looking case or folder.

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