How to Email Responsibly

r all age people, texting is the preferred mode for quick messaging in everyday life. However, for business purposes, texting is improper. Instead, email is king.

To avoid embarrassing themselves and their companies, employees should know how to email responsibly:

  • Use your business email account for business. If you need a personal email account, create a free one on Yahoo! or Gmail.
  • Fill in the subject line with a brief description (use phrases).
  • Consider what to write first, and proof your writing before you press send.
  • Avoid using hi-speed slang (e.g., would ofOMG, etc.), profanity (e.g., @#%&), and any other informal language.
  • Write your ideas in an organized, concise manner.
  • Don’t deliver bad, sensitive, and/or discouraging news in email.
  • Ensure your tone (attitude) is professional. Avoid emotional, angry, arrogant, threatening, etc. language and tone.
  • Follow these address standards:
    • to – is for intended recipients and those who should reply;
    • cc – is for recipients who need to know but don’t have to reply;
    • bcc – is for recipients who secretly need to know.
  • Avoid duplicate sends to include forgotten content or missing attachments.
  • Don’t take too long to reply to co-workers, customers, and others.
  • Don’t reply all all the time.

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