How to Study to Reduce Test Anxiety

Few people enjoy taking tests, and the very idea actually terrifies some. Unfortunately, test taking is a part of life with which everyone has to deal. No matter how you feel about test taking, just remember that preparation is the key.  When you study well, you set yourself up for a better test-taking experience and better results. Follow these recommendations to study more thoroughly for your next test.

  • Know what to study.
  • Organize study materials.
  • Allow yourself time to study, and chunk it—that is study regularly rather than all at once.
  • Study when you are most alert, and take stretch breaks to stay alert.
  • Study in quiet spaces.
  • Rewrite notes to commit details to memory.
  • Review the easiest content first and fast, and dedicate the rest of your time to the hardest material.
  • Partner with others who can help you.
  • Anticipate test questions, and prepare answers for these.
  • Take practice tests (when available).

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