Master These Social Skills to Get the Job

Did you think technical skills (or hard skills) were all you need to get the job you want? Think again! For sure, you need specific technical skills for some jobs, or you’ll have to get them through on-the-job training. Social skills (or soft skills), however, are a different matter. Social skills show who you are and how well you get along with others.

Employers today need workers who have social skills, but they don’t want to spend their budgets teaching workers how to write or be socially sensitive or civil. They want workers who have these social skills already. So the challenge for you is to present your social skills savvy upfront.

Hiring managers will never ask if you have social skills. Instead, you will need to demonstrate these by the manners in which you write, dress, walk, talk, sit, stand, and engage. 

Do you want to pass the cover letter, resume, and interview test? Do you want to improve your odds of getting the job you want? Then, show off your mastery of these everyday social skills:

  1. Communication (speech, body language, and writing)
  2. Empathy (compassion for others)
  3. Teamwork (ability to work with others)
  4. Motivation (personal drive to do what needs to be done)
  5. Commitment (dedication to the company)

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