One little bit at a time…

My grandpa and I used to eat clementines on the back porch every day. He showed my sister and I how to get the little orange balls of juicy goodness started with our thumbnail and peel the strips around in a curly swirl. 

My sister always got impatient. Just as soon as the peel was off, she dove in face first and took a big bite. Grandpa would laugh as the juice squirted everywhere and reminded her she was, “Doing it wrong!” as she ran off to play. 

His “right way” involved removing the peel, pulling off all the outer strings and separating the individual sections, enjoying each as its own little bite. It took time, but the payoff was worth it. It did indeed taste better…and was a whole lot less messy!

Breaking down big goals and dreams can be the same way. I often hear our Essential Education students say that they “just want to be finished!” They want to jump into study feet first, cram it all in, pass the test and take off. This works for some, but it can cause some to crash and burn pretty easily. 

Try looking at it like that clementine. Maybe you need to peel back some layers of self-doubt and frustration. Perhaps you need to remove the strings of distraction and mis-placed priorities. Maybe you are getting overwhelmed by the whole thing and need to take on things in smaller bite-size pieces. 

Here’s the reality: Change takes time. Progress takes time. Success takes time. But when you plan, work hard and stick it out, the small sweet victories can add up to the satisfaction of a goal realized.

You can do this! Just focus on one little bit at a time.

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