The Power of YET

I spoke to a student recently who shared a really powerful story.  She explained that she’d been working toward her high school equivalency credential for a while now, but remained determined to finish, claiming that 2020 was her year.

She went on to share that when she first began studying, she struggled with reading…that she had always struggled with reading. But she received a special gift from her husband that encouraged her. He gave her a bookshelf.  Puzzled, she questioned why he would have purchased a bookshelf for her when he knows she’s “not a great reader.” He replied by saying, “Yet. You’re not a great reader yet.”

There is power in YET. It’s something we talk about a lot here at Essential Education. Part of our job is helping students to see their untapped potential. Looking beyond your current circumstances or past hurt and missteps is difficult. But success is found in mourning those things and focusing full attention on all that is to come. Don’t get stuck in where you’ve been or where you are. Embrace the power of all you WILL do and all you have YET to accomplish.

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