What comes next?

Have you ever considered that taking the next step in your future goes beyond passing your high school equivalency exam?

Do you know how to use your imagination in your work environment? Do you know how to talk to others to get your own ideas across? Do you get along with your coworkers and boss? Are you flexible? Do you spend your time well? These are really important skills that if they don’t come naturally, can be taught.

Obtaining and exhibiting “soft skills” on the job could be what sets you a part with a potential employer. This starts on your resume and continues into your day-to-day efforts. It’s important not only to talk the talk, but walk the walk when it comes to saying you have key skills and then putting those skills into action.

Work Essentials can help you with the self-marketing and key job skills you need! Just like our interactive study lessons, Work Essentials walks you through common scenarios on the job and how to best handle yourself to make a good and lasting impression. Success goes beyond knowing the facts, it’s equally important to show you have what it takes to be an outstanding and valuable employee. 

If you are a GED Academy student, you already have access to this program. Check out a lesson today!

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