Do you play well with others?

It’s been said that everything we really need to know, we learned in Kindergarten. As a former Kindergarten teacher, I take great pride in that! But is it true? Maybe. Our early learning sets the stage for invaluable skills. One of the biggest is learning to work well with others.

Teamwork often ranks in the top five of “soft skills” employers want in employees. Soft skills are the things that (hopefully) we develop and grow as we mature. But some are easier to develop, or come more naturally, than others. Often-times we need to do a self-evaluation to see just how well we match up.

Here are some key questions to ask yourself in evaluating your team work skills:

How do you work? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What is your work style? What are your habits? How do you handle criticism, stress, and frustration? Can you share praise?

How do you respond to the work of others? How do you handle the mistakes AND successes of others? How do you respond to different personalities and work styles?

Taking a tough look at yourself will give you great insight into the skills you possess and the ones you need to strengthen. Kindergarten may not have taught you everything you need to know, but bettering yourself and your ability to work well with others is never out of reach.

Want more team work builders? Get the recap of our coaching session, Teamwork=Dreamwork.

Or watch it here:

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Jen Denton, Student Success Coach

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