Learning DIFFERENCES and the help you need!

Have you ever heard the phrase, it was like trying “to put a square peg into a round hole?” It’s typically used to describe something that’s not a good match. No matter how hard you try, the square and the circle will never be a good fit.

If you have ever encountered a learning difference, you may have felt like this peg and hole. No matter how much you tried, you saw things in a different way than your classmates. The instruction never “clicked.” You may have felt odd or out of place. This is the heart and the hurt of those with learning differences.

Notice I didn’t say learning disability…but learning difference. Truth is, we ALL learn differently to some degree. Some have a diagnosis, some don’t. Some differences are all encompassing and stop us in our tracks, others are small…just enough to be annoying!

Embracing independent learning style as just that…a personal difference, is a great start in overcoming any stigmas and discovering what we need to move forward. But there are realities in the form of study and testing challenges that have to be addressed to accommodate those (sometimes severe) differences. Educators and test makers alike unite in recognizing varying learning needs.

Quality educational platforms (like Essential Education) prioritize presenting material in a number of different ways, so as to appeal to a larger number of learning styles. Learning that is self-paced and personalized is designed to meet each learner where they are and adjust to their individual needs.

When it comes to assessment, test makers know that not all learners can be accurately tested in a traditional format or environment. So they set up accommodations to level the playing field.

The administrators of the HSE exams: GED, HiSET, and TASC, offer accommodations those with diagnosed learning differences need to be aware of. This can include, among other things, a private testing area and extended testing time.

Feel like you might quality for test accommodations? Follow the links below for your specific test to learn more about what’s available to you . Gain confidence in knowing you are not alone and get the help you need to succeed!




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