Let Go of Ego.

No one likes to make mistakes. No one enjoys admitting when they’re wrong. When we need improvement or should have/could have done something differently, it’s hard to own up to shortcomings.

It’s human nature…and if we are honest, it all comes down to ego. It’s difficult to let go of personal pride to benefit the greater good. But in order to be an effective problem solver in work and in life, this type of selflessness is a necessity.

In Essential Education’s effort to equip students with the educational and job skills needed in the new century, we are constantly researching what employers want in potential employees. One of those top skills is being a productive problem solver.

In our coaching session, Problem Solving for Success, we discuss 7 key skill-builders and talking points for becoming a savvy solver. Here we address the issue of ego head on.

Playing the “blame game” when it comes to taking on challenges and refusing to look inward will stop productivity dead in its tracks. Employers want workers who can take responsibility in their successes AND their mis-steps.

Finding a win-win solution for the team, may mean pushing back from what’s best for you, to what’s best for the group as a whole. This skill shows current and potential employers that you can be honest, discerning, and flexible. When it comes to making decisions and moving on from challenges don’t let pride stop you from making a real difference.

Need more problem solving tips or work skills for the future? Join us for an upcoming coaching session. We hope to see you there!

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