Make Feedback Your Friend

One truth we often miss, in study and in life, is the value of feedback. No one likes any type of evaluation. Whether it be an important test or job performance review, our human instinct is to freeze or push back at the critique. But without these measures of progress we will never be able to adjust, learn, and grow.

Here are some quick tips for embracing feedback in study and work.

When studying, it’s important that your approach has built in ways to check your progress. In prepping for your High School Equivalency credential, it’s important to know how your subject study is matching up against pass rates. Are you doing test specific prep? Do you know what score you need to pass? Are you taking regular practice tests and comparing your results? Do you have a system for ear-marking lessons or content for review? Re-learning and re-teaching after mistakes or weaknesses are discovered is a sure-fire way to put your feedback to work. No one enjoys examining their soft spots, but addressing your needs head on is the only way to correct and strengthen your skills.

The same is true in our work life. When learning a new job or skill, know that asking questions is welcomed. Any strong leader will not see your curiosity as weakness, but a means of building a better performance. Once you think you’ve got the hang of things, don’t wait for a formal review, ask if there are areas of your work that need extra attention or if there are any suggestions for improvement. This kind of drive and self-correction shows your ability to be mature, flexible, and put constructive criticism to work in positive ways.

Whether you are prepping for the GED, HiSET or TASC or gearing up for an new and exciting career, we are here for you.

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