Make Learning Personal

One of the many benefits of online learning is the ability to make study a truly personal effort. No longer bound by the schedule and structure of traditional classroom teaching, online students have the ability to customize when and how they learn.

Let’s look at two big areas where you can make learning personal: Pace and Style

We all learn best when we can control the speed of our learning. This can be a big obstacle in a traditional classroom setting, as you must yield to the needs of the group as a whole. When studying on your own, you’re in control. You control what you need to know and when you need to know it. Not sure what that means? Here are some tips for personalizing your study pace:

Start with something easy first. By knocking down easier tasks at the start, you’ll feel accomplished and gain an extra boost of confidence.

Don’t move forward until you’ve mastered what you’re studying. It’s not a race. Allow yourself the time you need to fully understand and retain the information before moving on.

If you’ve got it, go! Online study isn’t bound to the rhythm of a class, so if you understand something inside and out, you are free to go on to more challenging material.

Review. It’s always good to get a refresher on previously studied subjects and lessons just to check in and put your memory to the test.

Another way you can control your study is in discovering your personal learning style. Each of us has a unique way we best learn and engage new information. Discovering yours can unlock a new path to study success.

Do you need to see what you’re learning in action? Do you need to hear it out loud? Do you need to physically move or do something with with your hands?

If you learn best by watching, you’re a visual learner. Try thinking about or drawing pictures as you read or record information. Watch a video lesson or tutorial on what you’re studying. Visual learners anchor information to images. Get creative and put that eye to brain connection to the test.

If you learn best by listening, you are an auditory learner. Try reading out loud or get a tape recorder to record yourself and play it back. Videos and podcasts where information is read-aloud may also be helpful for auditory learners.

If you need to use your hands, you’re a kinetic learner. Try using online study material that requires you to physically move material around on a screen or create note cards that you match or flip to reveal answers and test yourself.

Your goals and dreams are personal. Taking control of how you get there should be no different. Wherever and however you learn best, make it work for YOU!

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