Are You a Crammer?

Preparing for your High School Equivalency exam is a lot like getting ready for a big trip. Once your test date is set, the countdown clock starts ticking. What you do with the time in between is up to you. When it comes to vacation packing AND test prep, there are generally two camps: the crammers and the planners.

Crammers mark the date on the calendar and tell themselves, “there’s always time.” They know their departure date and anticipate that they will need to pack at some point, but always rationalize doing it later. As the time nears closer and closer, panic sets in. They grab a bag and start throwing in everything they own, racing to the airport at the last minute. Their efforts are usually a disorganized mess and result in the crammer arriving to their destination feeling scattered and missing important items.

Test cramming is super similar and is NOT effective in the long run. When you study at the last minute, all your knowledge goes into short-term memory. It isn’t stored in your brain for quality critical thinking. This may have worked for a short quiz back in the day. But your HSE exams are a different ball game. Testers need to arrive on test day with a full understanding of subjects and the ability to apply what they’ve learned. Cramming simply doesn’t work for these types of tests.

So what do you do? Turn your cramming into planning! Check back tomorrow and we’ll show you how!

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