Be a Planner

In a previous post, Are You a Crammer? We looked at the way in which packing for a big trip is similar to studying for your HSE exam. Some are “crammers” who for whatever reason (or a number of factors) wait until the last minute to get ready to go. Others are planners… the precious few who map out a solid plan for readiness and success. In other words, they pack their mental bags with the skills and tools needed to succeed.

Just as a vacation packer would research what to expect, what to bring, and what to avoid, test-preppers need to act with that same level of planning when it comes to test day. To help, Essential Education has put together a short, but useful list of test planning go-tos for your HSE exam. We’ve even included links to additional articles to learn more.

Get to know YOUR test: Visit our Where to Test page for your state’s various exam offerings and links to the official testing sites.

Set Study Goals: Set SMART, reach-able goals and put your plans into action.

Develop Healthy Habits: Establish a solid cycle of reminders and small rewards to keep yourself accountable and motivated.

Set the Stage: Create a study space that is quiet and comfortable.

Embrace Feedback: Make feedback your friend and learn from mistakes.

Plan to Pass: See yourself with that credential in hand. Make a plan and stick to it!

Focus on the Long-Term Gain: Know that growth takes time but the results are worth it!

Learning…real life-long learning is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t be a crammer. Be a planner!

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