Avoiding the Trap

In a recent post, Beyond the Right Now, we discussed the trap of instant gratification. It’s simply human nature to gravitate toward instant happiness. The problem however is that immediate gratification in the form of temptations can take us off course from our long-term goals.

So what can we do to keep our eyes on the prize? Here are some tips:

Consider consequences. – Is the short-term trade worth the sacrifice in progress toward your long-term objective?

Develop self-control. – Practice resistance in small ways, so that you you are prepped to say “no” or “not now” when it really counts.

Prepare for short-term pain. – Rarely are the things worth doing easy to achieve. Put in the hard work and push through the “tough stuff.”

See it! – Create visual reminders of your goals in the form of motivational quotes, apps, and pictures that you see on a daily basis to keep you motivated.

Put your feet to the fire. – Learn to embrace feedback and establish ways to monitor your progress. Measure and hold yourself accountable!

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