Beyond the RIGHT NOW

We all want the quick fix. We want to see immediate results for any effort we put forth. From weight loss to new goals and dreams, we all want fast results. It’s simply human nature. But beware! Instant gratification is a trap that can hold you back from long term success.

Instant Gratification: When you choose not to do something even though you know this action is necessary to help you obtain your long-term goals. This results in forgoing long-term benefits in favor of insignificant short-term pleasures that come in the form of temptations.

In short, we trade things that will help us reach big goals for things that make us happy right now. The fact is, things that really matter, often require sacrifice. They require giving up time and resources that provide momentary happiness for the things that really change lives.

Are you sticking to your study goals or are you rationalizing, “putting it off,” or skipping a day or two? Are you holding yourself accountable to run through practice tests, or are you just planning to “wing-it?” Are you allowing the stressers of life to zap your energy and stall your progress? True success lies in shifting your focus beyond the “right now,” to the horizon of life change and goal fulfillment.

What does that look like? Join us tomorrow as we look at actionable ways to keep your eye on the prize!

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