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The path to getting your high school equivalency (HSE) credential can sometimes feel confusing and overwhelming. But as with most things in life, information and preparation can guide you through the maze of any process or procedure. Truth is, the steps to your credential may be much simpler than you think!

The Path to Your HSE

Explore your state. Each state has its own set of rules and regulations when it comes to HSE testing. Age requirements, test options, and pricing can vary greatly from region to region. Be sure you are researching your state-specific needs. Essential Education has a terrific resource to help you begin your search.

Know your test. Each exam has an online site where you can schedule your test based on your personal location and testing needs. All accommodations and official testing must be scheduled with the national testing service specific to your exam. Third-party testing is illegal. Below you will find the link to the GED, HiSET and TASC testing services. When you are ready, select the site for your test and make an appointment. Each has a toll-free number if you have specific questions about your test center. These sites are also where you will go for post-exam information and to request a copy of your credential. Bookmark them now, as you will need them later.

GED testers: www.ged.com

HiSET testers: www.hiset.ets.org

TASC testers: www.tasctest.com

Prepare to Pass! Choose an HSE preparation program that fits your needs and your schedule. For many students, preparation means simply refreshing the skills you use every day. Depending on your test, you only need to get roughly half of the questions correct to pass! So you may be closer than you think.

Essential Education is committed to guiding you through the HSE credentialing process, because your success is our goal! You can reach out to our Student Help Team at 1-800-460-8150 or send an email to studenthelp@essentialed.com.

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