History Prep is Life Prep

All students want to have confidence that what they are learning is relevant to their everyday lives. This is especially the case with adult learners! It’s a normal and fully understandable desire. We all want to feel that our efforts have meaning.

Social Studies Study

When it comes to preparing for the Social Studies section of your high school equivalency credential, you can rest in knowing that the skills built to better read, understand, and sort through historical passages will be time well spent. Politics, current issues, and economics affect our daily lives in countless ways. Spending quality time in this subject of study will not only prep your test skills, but help you to better engage with world events.

In an upcoming Live Coaching Session, our Student Success Coach will discuss proven tips and tools to get the most out of your Social Studies study. From investigating sources to determining an author’s unique perspective, you can learn how to better approach these specific types of texts.

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