No Periodic Table Required

When it comes to the Science section of the high school equivalency exam, GED, HiSET, and TASC testers are not expected to be the next Albert Einstein! No one will be asked to recite the periodic table of elements or rattle off a confusing series of formulas and solutions. Instead, students will be asked to read through a series of science-based passages and answer questions. This involves the basics of reading and reasoning as well as a general understanding of scientific concepts.

Scientific Reading

Reading for Science involves:

Systems – How things work together

Processes – The steps that lead to an end result

Hypotheses – Ideas that may or may not be true

Conclusions – An opinion based on the results of an experiment

By breaking down these big words into bite-size chunks, reading science-based texts can be easier than you think. In an upcoming Live Coaching Session, our Student Success Coach will walk through a series of tips and tools to approach reading for Science. Join other students just like you as we discuss ways to make these sometimes challenging texts understandable and useful. Sign up here!

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