Slow Down for Success

It’s rare to see “slow” and “success” in the same sentence. Why? Because many associate faster with better. It’s a symptom of our, “I want it now,” culture. But the truth of the matter is, slowing down may be the key to overall success.

In study: Spaced learning (taking breaks between sections of study) has been proven to result in more solidified, long-term learning. Cramming and quick reads help us feel accomplished in the moment. But this is not the best strategy if the goal is to bank content in your brain. Are you flying through your preparation, but struggle to pass practice tests and quizzes? Slowing down to better understand content, may be the study tip you need to put into play.

In testing: Rushing through an exam rarely results in a positive outcome. The test-makers gave you time. Use it! There are no extra points for being the fastest in the room. Take your time reading directions and passages carefully, sketching out notes, and fully considering all answer choices. It may feel slow, but your score will thank you later!

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