Taking Down Test Anxiety

Test anxiety is real. The fear of failure, running out of time, lack of confidence, and a general sense of panic can be paralyzing for some testers. This can cause a number of negative mental, emotional, and even physical side effects. But the good news is, there’s help to combat these obstacles. Here’s a quick list of go-to test anxiety remedies.

How to Battle Test Anxiety

Learn how to study. Many of us were simply never taught how to study. Without basic organizational skills and a plan for study, prepping for a test can feel overwhelming. Finding a preparation plan that works for you and your schedule will do wonders for easing fear and building confidence.

Prepare early and often. Establishing a consistent study routine, well in advance of the test, will allow you to over-prepare and gain the full set of skills you need to succeed. Avoid procrastination and “cramming,” as these habits only increase your stress and anxiety.

Take timed practice tests. The more you practice testing, the less intimidating the process will become. It’s important to hold yourself accountable to time limits so that you can learn to better manage and plan your time. This may not be your favorite aspect of study, but it will be a huge ally in attacking official test day fears.

Ask about accommodations. If you have a diagnosed learning difference, you may qualify for special testing accommodations. These can include (but are not limited to) extra testing time or a solo/small-group testing environment. Be sure to check out your options with your testing service for GED, HiSET, or TASC.

Don’t forget to fuel up! Be sure to eat well, stay hydrated, and get enough sleep. Powering your body will power your mind and provide the energy to take on the test.

Breathe. Breathing exercises truly can calm your anxious thoughts. Connect quality deep breaths with muscle relaxation and visualization exercises, and you’ve got a recipe for anxiety defeating success.

Ask for help. If your test anxiety seems to be more than just jitters, consider speaking with a professional. Your family physician, a school counselor, or a trusted friend or family member may be able to weigh in on helping you through your difficult thoughts and emotions.

Live Coaching Sessions are also a great way to knock down test-day fears. Preparation is the key to test day confidence. Together we will share what to expect and arm you with the skills you need to walk into test day with your head held high!

We are here to help! Call 1-800-460-8150 or send an email to student help@essentialed.com.

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