Boost Your Social Studies Vocab

In a recent eBoard post, History Prep is Life Prep, we discussed the value of building an educational foundation in social studies. From politics to economic and cultural topics, having a background in history will empower you to actively engage in historical literature and current events. Now more than ever, it’s important to stay informed.

The problem is, many students get frustrated when they encounter unfamiliar words or phrases while studying history. Boosting your social studies vocabulary will help alleviate this stress. By gaining general knowledge of terms and topics, you’ll be better equipped to understand and critically think through social studies passages. This is a plus in both testing and your general education as a citizen.

Vocabulary Building Tools

Check out this terrific resource from the Michigan Department of Education to help build your social studies vocab. Remember: History prep is life prep! Increasing your understanding in this foundational subject will not only prepare you for your high school equivalency exam, but help you become a more informed member of society.

If you are interested in learning more about how to read for meaning in social studies, consider joining an upcoming Live Coaching Session. Our Student Success Coach breaks down learning to practical, bite-size pieces for better comprehension and solid application. Join us!

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