Routine Review

As each of us tries to create a new normal amid our current circumstances, taking an intentional look at our weekly schedules becomes a key part of personal and academic growth. One helpful tool is to set aside a day each week to review your routine.

Scheduling Checklist

  • Look back. Which parts of your study, work, and life schedule have worked well? Which habits or choices did not help you reach your goals? What can be changed going forward?
  • Look ahead. What does the new week hold? Fill in your top priorities and look for open areas of opportunity to prepare for your exams.
  • Look farther ahead. Are there any big dates on the horizon that could throw your weekly schedule out of rhythm? Doctor’s appointments, vacations, holidays, and other needs or big events do not have to take you off track. Just plan ahead and schedule wisely.

Top tip: Sunday nights can be a great time to grab your calendar and do a little review. You’ll start the week ahead with a fresh perspective and a new and improved action plan. Setting this weekly time to review your routine will help you better focus and fine-tune your efforts.

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