Get Calendar Smart

We’ve discussed the importance of creating a study schedule for success a great deal on eBoard. From setting priorities to establishing a routine review, we’ve highlighted the need to plan to succeed by properly planning time.

How do we bring all of this together? What does that look like in practice? After you have completed your self-evaluation, it’s time to get calendar smart! Here are some quick tips for planning a study schedule for success.

Scheduling Reminders

Calendar choice. Choose a calendar that fits your personal needs. Some prefer paper options that can be tailored with colored markers, pencils, and pens. This old standard never goes out of style! Others prefer a digital version by phone, email platform, or app. These can be altered by color as well, and allow for auditory alerts and reminders unavailable in paper form. Do you want to see your schedule a month, week, or day in advance? Choose a calendar that works for your unique needs and life circumstances.

Plug in priorities. With a clean slate in front of you, pop in your must-dos. These are work, family, life, and other responsibilities that have to be completed on certain days and times.

Find the holes. Look for open opportunities and plan accordingly. Pop in study in free spaces and continue to review the effectiveness of those choices.

Anticipate obstacles. Know your areas of strength and weakness. Not a morning person? Don’t plan early morning study if you can’t commit. Work long hours on certain days? Don’t plan big blocks of study after those days. You will get tired and easily frustrated. Know yourself and your habits, to make wise choices.

Chunk and divide. Anticipate required lesson times or which subjects tend to take less or more concentrated effort. For shorter lessons, look for quick 20-30 minute openings in your schedule. For subjects that require more time, be sure to plan for larger blocks of time. Don’t forget to include timed practice tests, as well.

Plan for breaks! Don’t forget to plan for needed mental and physical breaks. You aren’t taking the easy way out. You are purposefully giving your mind and body the fuel it needs to work harder.

Planning and preparation are YOUR keys to success. Give yourself a running start by planning to pass!

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