From Surviving to Thriving

I’ve never been good with plants.

I always start with the best intentions. I choose the healthiest blooms, the nicest, most well-crafted planter, select great soil, place it in a well-lit area, and then…hope for the best.

My plants always seem to do okay. I mean they don’t die right away. But I am forever jealous of the folks who have the same plants, the same planters, same soil, and for whatever reason, their plants are vibrant and full of promise. Their plants are not just surviving. They are THRIVING.

Turns out life is super similar to my plant habits. A great start is important. But “hoping for the best,” isn’t the most productive approach when it comes to cultivating growth. Hard work and care are required.

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Need a Break?

Hard work is important. Diligence is required to grab those goals. But your body and your mind need times of refresh as well. We all need to take a step back every now and again. Sometimes being too driven or focused on one thing can zap your energy and actually do harm to your progress.

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Sharing Joy!

A weird trend has developed and boomed with the invention of social media and our ability to share thoughts on the daily. The concept of “national days” is everywhere. Anything from National Donut Day to National Talk Like a Pirate Day, there’s something for everyone. But today’s “national day” struck me as something of which we can all use an extra dose. March 20th is the National Day of Happiness.

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