Let Go of Ego.

No one likes to make mistakes. No one enjoys admitting when they’re wrong. When we need improvement or should have/could have done something differently, it’s hard to own up to shortcomings.

It’s human nature…and if we are honest, it all comes down to ego. It’s difficult to let go of personal pride to benefit the greater good. But in order to be an effective problem solver in work and in life, this type of selflessness is a necessity.

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What comes next?

Have you ever considered that taking the next step in your future goes beyond passing your high school equivalency exam?

Do you know how to use your imagination in your work environment? Do you know how to talk to others to get your own ideas across? Do you get along with your coworkers and boss? Are you flexible? Do you spend your time well? These are really important skills that if they don’t come naturally, can be taught.

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Dress for the Interview

Did you know that what you wear to your interview could help make or break your presentation? Well, it’s true. It once was so easy to select an interview outfit—the rule of thumb was, wear your Sunday clothes. Today, however, even Sunday clothes aren’t what they used to be. In fact, some might even say they’re down-right questionable! So if the Sunday clothes standard is no more, now what? Fret not and follow these updated rules:

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How to Job Hunt in the 21st Century

Job hunting used to be so simple: pay a visit to a company you heard was hiring, fill out an application on site, turn it into a manager who was waiting nearby for you to finish, hand that manager your resume and application and talk with him/her about your qualifications, and then agree to wait a few days for a decision to schedule a formal interview or to decline your application. That was it—simple.

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